If you would like to arrange a visit, course or stay at the farm please get in touch by clicking here

In North Thailand, not too far from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, you can learn Permaculture on a real, working Permaculture farm. It’s in a village near Phayao and is the perfect location if you need to do a visa run from Thailand to Laos.

Learn from someone who is living self-sufficiently

Pure runs this Vegan Permaculture farm using just 3 acres of land. In this space, he is able to grow enough food to feed himself and the volunteers who visit his farm.

He hosts volunteers, students, digital nomads and holiday makers from around the world. They visit him to learn from his skills and experience in Permaculture.

Pure is not just doing Permaculture for show, he has been running his Permaculture projects with a strong emphasis on self-sufficiency and, in 2022, he now has almost a decade of experience working full-time on Permaculture projects.

Learn Permaculture & Traditional Thai Techniques

Teaming up with Permaculture Development Network, Pure has now started to offer a Permaculture Course covering a variety of topics:

Each day course participants can learn practical Permaculture techniques and traditional Thai techniques.

It is a blended learning approach, with short introductory videos for each module lasting no more than 10 minutes. Then Pure guides you through a variety of practical exercises to become familiar with the realities of running a Permaculture project and the skills that you will need.

Relax in private accommodation or save money as a volunteer

This hut is available for rent on Airbnb and this help to support the project

Guests can stay in a beautiful, private hut which is hand-built using mud, bamboo and thatch. It has views out onto the farm and a small lake.

For volunteers who are travelling on a budget there are also some more communal accomodation options available.

Whether you are doing the course, or just want a place to relax you can book this Vegan Permaculture hut on Airbnb by clicking here. All bookings help to fund the project.

Learn to make delicious home-grown and home-cooked vegan food

Each day Pure cooks up a variety of delicious vegan food, often just using the organic ingredients grown on the farm.

He cooks using a home-made clay wood burner and is always very happy to teach you about what he is making and how to do it. He can give cooking lessons for a wide variety of vegan Thai food.

If you would like to arrange a visit, course or stay at the farm please get in touch by clicking here